Promotional & Corporate Clothing

Corporate Clothing

As the saying goes "First Impressions Count" and for any employer who has people meeting people, whether it's in the office, retail shop, warehouse, out on the road, or working on sites the best first impression you can make is having your people looking smart, presentable and on-brand wearing Corporate Uniforms or Printed Workwear.

But a well thought out promotional clothing strategy can also bring out a sense of pride and being part of a "team" amongst your employees, consider the importance of branded clothing amongst sports teams and their supporters and you quickly appreciate the potential of creating that team feel amongst your employees if you provide them printed or embroidered clothing that they want to wear.

Quality of garment and colour palettes are an important consideration for what your team will feel comfortable in wearing for long periods of time, ask the LSi team for samples to test with your team.

The LSi range of clothing covers everything from Uniforms to promotional clothing such as T-Shirts and Polo Shirts which can be decorated via screen print, embroidery or using full colour digital transfers.

The catalogue range below provides a snap-shot of what is available, the LSi Team are experts in sourcing if your own brief requires a little thinking outside of the box! Bespoke manufacture that includes different trim colours, buttons, labels and decoration are all possible from LSi.

Corporate Uniforms and Printed Workwear can deliver against three key very different metrics, it may be that your reason for considering a new company uniform, such as printed high viz vests is Health & Safety, but the reality is you always get the benefit of the other two.


Branded Clothing, be it a uniform such as a bank teller or airline cabin crew, or printed workwear such as printed or embroidered polo shirts provide a sense of team identity for your employees, all teams whether in sport or business are brought together through the clothing they wear. But for customers they are also able to identify your team and if wearing on-brand clothing that as clean and smart this will create an immediate impression on your customers.

Health & Safety

There are workwear garments such as hi viz, hard hats, goggles, gloves and even clothing that meet clothing regulations for certain activities, but the other H&S benefit comes from your team being recognisable quickly by visitors or general public in the case of an emergency. From the moment an individual arrives at your garden centre, your exhibition stand, your office they are going to recognise your team from the first welcome even if the promotional clothing is just an embroidery to the left chest, it still will make your employees recognisable if needed, especially if you chose a strong colour


Branded clothing works so well subliminally, especially if your team are wearing branded clothing off-site. A sign-writer friend often makes connections with tradesmen when shopping, getting fuel etc as he wears clothing to/from work that clearly states he's a sign-maker which attracts the attention of people in need of signs.

For those working on sites it can be a good idea providing a call to action so people walking past can photograph details if they need a similar trade. For example a painter & decorator may have his mobile number on a t-shirt as he paints the outside of a house.