Promotional Merchandise

Promotional Merchandise

LSi are the Promotional Merchandise Experts, it is the core of our business, and we believe one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available to you if used correctly.

Delivered to customers & prospects either through direct mail or in person when at networking events, conferences, exhibitions, or hospitality days these promotional products printed with your logo, your message have the potential to be delivering that message for weeks, months, even years after the initial activity.

The key to success with Promotional Merchandise is that the product is useful to your target audience, if it is useful it gets used, if it gets regular use it gets seen and your message whether consciously or unconsciously is reinforced and recalled by the recipient.

Imagine if I offer you a product printed with your message that your target audience finds useful and they touch and see it every day & recall you each time, and when they need your product or service you are instantly accessible. This is the power of Promotional Merchandise.

The links below are for the major categories of product to help you in searching for product, we do have a paper catalogue available to request here, but above all LSi is an award winning team of people, focused on helping you find the right products for your target audience that suit your budget and your event. We are marketers ourselves, we love what we do and will be delighted if you email us or better call us (01274 854996) and let us help you find the right product pain free!

Contact LSi's award winning Account Managers on or better call us 01274 854996.

Promotional Products when done well are extremely powerful marketing tools, our key ingredients for success are:

  • The product has to be useful and desirable to the target audience - think who they are, what do they want?

    One of the biggest challenges customers face is understanding how well or how little they know about their target audience! Some customers audiences are of course very broad but the better you know and understand them, from simple demographics such as are you addressing one sex more than the other, are they a young, middle aged or older through to where they work, how they work, what tools they use, their hobbies etc etc will allow you to better find products that they will find useful.

  • The product needs to be aesthetically pleasing either through the choice of colour of the product or the design that is printed onto them

    There is so much potential through the latest technologies in print that you can turn a blank white canvas of a T-Shirt, a mug, a pen and turn it into a piece of art almost, it is what the historical or beautiful tourist attractions do, they use the imagery and the history to create great merchandise. But even something as simple as transforming a product to a very specific colour (think Virgin Red, or Cadbury Purple) and then just a very simple white logo in reverse can be appealing.

    Ultimately merchandise isn't a business card, it doesn't need names, address, tel, worse fax, emails and urls printed all over it. Less is more, create something people will be happy to look at as ultimately if it's (1) useful then it will be close by and in view and if that is the case it then needs to be nice to look at!

  • Cheap is a false economy, a cheap pen isn't going to be looked after or used, spend double on quality and the pen becomes the pen of choice, daily

    It's hard on tight budgets but ultimately if you give someone a cheap product they won't want to use it and it will be buried in a drawer, worse binned. Better to order less quantity and spend more per unit. Cheap anything is rarely a recipe for success when you are providing a gift, it delivers a poor perception on you, your company and is a false economy.

    Of course budget is important, and there are items that are excellent value for money, but ultimately if it's cheap and nasty it isn't going to work as a promotional item.

  • Understanding your objective - you can't measure success or create a call to action if there is no point!

    What are you hoping the Promotional item is going to do?

    A sales letter with the headline “Take a Break” supplied with a Kit Kat will be memorable long enough for the follow-up phone call to potentially be more warmly received as a result of the chocolate. It won't hang around, but it will make the follow-up easier and will achieve its objective.

    A printed coaster accompanied with a sales invoice that says do please come back again needs to hang around long enough for the next sale, that may be one month, it may be one year. How successful it is will be measurable if you use a tracking phone number and print it ONLY to the coaster.

There is so much choice, and to work well many things to think about, but that is why Team LSi are the experts in product selection, visual & artwork creation through to print & production, please do contact the team, share with us your marketing plans and let us show you how the right products can deliver success.

Call us to discuss how we can help on 01274 854996.

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