Corporate Schemes

Corporate Schemes

Unlock Efficiencies with an LSi Promotional Merchandise Corporate Scheme

An LSi Corporate Scheme delivers the best solution for busy marketers managing Promotional Merchandise collections for larger corporate entities.

You may have ended up holding stocks because:

  • Minimum Orders: The processing of promotional merchandise orders does often require a minimum amount of product to be printed to make a print run viable and cost effective. But often across a large company with satellite offices, or exhibition / PR teams or maybe sales people on the road one particular "user" doesn't need the minimum order size but company wide you do, so you end up holding stocks…
  • Production Lead Times: These same "users" might not think ahead or opportunities arise that need a quick responses, in such cases waiting for stocks to be printed to order isn't an option, so you end up holding stocks…
  • Price: These same "users" might all be ordering the same minimum order quantity of a product over the course of the year… not necessarily using them all… and all paying the minimum order price for the product, when company wide you might need ten times as much product and could receive a significant discount, so you end up holding stocks…
  • Brand Management: on allowing "users" to order their own merchandise you begin to see all manner of merchandise, in different colour combinations and your corporate brand guidelines being misused, so you end up holding stocks…

Now you are experiencing the pain of managing stocks!

  • But the office premises is small, or head count is expanding and you don't have the space for storing your promotional merchandise
  • COVID has changed the working landscape and the use of office premises and working from home, you might no longer be working from the office where maybe your merchandise has been stored
  • You are a busy Marketer or maybe Event Manager or Human Resources Manager, you do not have the time for picking and packing merchandise requests from colleagues, or have all the packing materials & different box sizes to make it easy
  • You don't have a courier account or internal postage system, and taking boxes to the post office is a nightmare!
  • Managing stocks is a pain, colleagues have a habit of taking without asking and keeping track and knowing when to re-order is really not part of your job!

The Solution, an LSi Corporate Scheme

An LSi managed Corporate Scheme takes the above hassle and pain points away from you, while delivering the best service levels required by all "users" across your company.

  • Stock Management: LSi have two warehouses available for holding our customer's promotional merchandise collections. We provide palletised storage for bulk orders from which we draw down your products into our picking stations.
  • Pick, Pack & Dispatch: Our warehouse & fulfilment teams will pick, pack and dispatch the orders that are received from across your company same day and dispatch for delivery to UK, European or Global addresses as needed.
  • Web based Order Portals: Our IT department provides you a dedicated portal which will present your product selection, manage stock levels and provide a simple web-based order system for your company users to process their orders.
  • Reports: based on company wide usage our order portals can provide you the management KPI reporting you require from individual product sales, through to departmental usage and fulfilment cost breakdowns.

The Improvements:

  • No Minimum Orders: with stock held within our warehouses your company users can now order the exact quantity of products they need for their occasion.
  • Minimum Lead Times: with stock held within our warehouse and our systems and fulfilment teams operating a same-day pick function your company users will receive their orders within 24/48 hours from placing their orders.
  • Better Buying: with LSi's stock management offering you can now place orders for the stock quantity needed for 3, 6, 12 months company usage and with that pay better rates.
  • Brand Management: through your Account Manager you will control the products ordered and the artwork that is printed ensuring complete control is restored over product selection and brand.
  • Restore Office Premises: space is freed up to be just that, offices and not storage units with the storage function outsourced to LSi
  • No more Picking & Packing: you are no longer required to look after merchandise on-site, the picking & packing is outsourced to LSi, no more hunting boxes or trips to the post office
  • Stock Management: is no longer a pain, through your LSi Account Manager and our e-commerce portals you outsource the pain and the hassle but gain far better control while delivering your colleagues a great Promotional Merchandise selection, ordering system and service.

Why Choose LSi?

  • In-House Expertise: Where some might outsource to trusted partners every aspect of an LSi Corporate Scheme is handled in-house, powered by our trusted team. From sourcing merchandise to designing artwork, print production, warehouse, fulfilment and dispatch and even the e-commerce platforms, it's all completed on-site and you are very welcome to come and see it all for yourself!
  • Dedicated Account Manager: When you opt for a Corporate Scheme with LSi you'll have a dedicated Account Manager to project manage the programme and act as your point of contact for all areas of the business that are involved.
  • Web Based Order Portals: are built in-house, allowing us to be flexible to your needs, be that a platform for internal stock ordering through to a fully functional e-commerce solution for end users and customers. Designed to match your brand guidelines, with product photography & copy looked after by the LSi team, we'll have you up & running and that pain taken away in no time!
  • Streamlined Service: We have many Schemes in operation, each with their own idiosyncrasies, with our past experience setting up your Corporate Scheme will follow a well-planned path, and once operational the LSi team will take full ownership of the challenges, typically logistical that day to day operations create!
  • ISO9001 Quality Management Processes: our systems and processes are all created and managed internally and further audited to meet ISO9001 Quality Management Certification, from stock receipt through to storage, pick/pack and dispatch our operations are a well-oiled machine but one that is constantly under review.
  • Insured Storage: being our own Warehouse operations your goods are fully insured & protected by LSi Limited.
  • LSi People: being our own warehouse, the storage and fulfilments are managed and operated by our own LSi employees allowing us to be flexible to your specific needs while also taking full responsibility for quality control.

LSi are the Promotional Product Experts and we are confident our Corporate Scheme offering is second to none. Let LSi take away the hassle and pain points of managing Promotional Merchandise collections as we have done for many others.

For more information and to discuss your exact requirements please contact our Sales Director, Chris Dickinson,, 01274 854996

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