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So, now you know the process of creating your promotional merchandise scheme, the next step is to ensure that your stock is easily accessible to all your internal staff, external staff, customers or distributors. To achieve this, we will design and produce a fully operational website FOC as part of the scheme service.

Scott Brown, our in-house web designer, will take care of the whole creation and upkeep of your easy to navigate website. This includes designing your website, making your merchandise ready to purchase online, taking photos of your products, updating any product lines when necessary, real-time stock updates and day to day maintenance.

The use of a website allows the whole scheme process to run smoothly, as soon as an order had been placed on your website, our warehouse will be immediately notified. This means the whole process allows an order to be placed, and the goods are shipped within 15 minutes of receipt of the order into LSi.

For examples of some of our current client’s sites and to discuss your website options in greater detail please do not hesitate to contact Scott Brown on 01274 854984.

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