Customer Service

Times have changed in our industry and with the introduction of web technology and e-mail, we are now even closer to our manufacturers both in the U.K. and offshore. We continuously strive for perfection from all our suppliers and monitor weekly, all aspects of their service and products they supply. If they don't come up to scratch we don't use them. We are simply not interested in making an extra few pence per item if their whole service does not stack up, something we ask our customers to consider if you are given a greatly discounted price from others. Quality costs!

Efficient Ordering Processes

We can also boast one of the most efficient internal ordering processes in the gift industry. On a daily basis we are able to respond to your enquiry with a quotation within minutes, including pictures and virtual samples if required, and should you wish to proceed with your order, our order administration department can process this and by utilising the expertise of our in-house designers, we can get your artwork for approval to you within the hour, leaving you to get on with more important marketing tasks.

A Mine of Information

We also have stored over 12 years of artwork and order information, all of which can be accessed immediately and emailed within minutes, ideal for repeat orders, tell us what you need and you have your answer within minutes. We are here to help - please use us.

Twist USB Sticks You're in safe hands!

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