Eco Friendly Products

Eco Friendly Products

The Eco-Friendly Merchandise product range has grown significantly over the past decade with more product categories served with a wide range of choice. The challenge is determining what meets your brief for Eco-Friendly Promotional Product.

For us here at LSi we believe selling Recycled Promotional Merchandise that in turn is Recyclable is the best way forward.

But there are many definitions & interpretations, some clients need full accreditation where for others just knowing they have chosen bamboo, cotton or other such "eco" materials is good enough.

The LSi sales team is knowledgeable in the many different eco-friendly materials and the supply chains that deliver them and can help you towards the best solutions for you.

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LSi exhibited at the B2B Marketing Show where a significant part of our Exhibition Stand was focused on Eco-Friendly Promotional Merchandise, the opening few minutes of the below video introduces the products we had on display.

There can be confusion over what constitutes a sustainable product, for LSi we believe that product made from Recycled Materials deliver significant benefits in reduced energy and water usage for their manufacture compared with virgin product.

This is particularly true with the recycling of water bottles, producing rPET and making product from this new polyester. This story is further improved where the recycled water bottles are considered to be “Ocean Bound”, found along coastlines and rivers and considered likely to end up in the sea.

Please watch the video below to get a feel for some of the amazing sustainable product stories that are available including recycled, recyclable and UK and European made products.