Golf & Umbrellas

Organising a golf day can be a daunting task, especially for anyone who doesn't play golf! Our blog post - The Ultimate Guide to Organising a Golf Day might be a good place to start!

There are different parts to a golf day all of which present an opportunity for branding if you are looking for maximum exposure. Alternatively it may be that team members use golf as an opportunity for networking over a friendly round, in such cases just having some nice golf gifts such as company branded golf balls, can be a nice way of starting the day.

If it's raining and you have invested in some good quality storm proof umbrellas these too are a lovely gift that may last longer than the golf balls(!!) and provide great brand exposure if any photos are being taken during the round of golf.

For a Golf Day you have options including (1) directional signage options from car park, through the club house to the tee, then there is (2) course decoration opportunities for banners on tees or maybe branding the hole flags.

For your organising team, or employees playing there is (3) team clothing to consider, a corporate colour that makes you all easily identifiable.

Then for the actual golf, there are (4) golfing accessories from golf tees, golf balls, ball markers, pitchfork repairers, score card holders, towels.

Following the golf there are lots of opportunities for (5) golf trophies or awards and of course (6) prizes with items such as gloves, shoe bags, head covers and if budgets allow golf bags and techy gadgets such as watches and range finders.

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Colour Works Water Bottle Colour Works Water Bottle
Available from £11.00
Available on 5 Day Express
Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball
Available from £4.09
Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball
Available from £2.45
Titleist Velocity Golf Ball Titleist Velocity Golf Ball
Available from £2.12
Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball
Available from £1.70
Srixon AD333 Golf Ball Srixon AD333 Golf Ball
Available from £1.95
Wilson Ultra Golf Ball Wilson Ultra Golf Ball
Available from £1.35
70mm Wooden Golf Tees 70mm Wooden Golf Tees
Available from £0.08
Bag of 70mm Bamboo Golf Tees Bag of 70mm Bamboo Golf Tees
Available from £1.22
Tee Buddy Tee Buddy
Available from £1.59
Bamboo Pillow Pack Bamboo Pillow Pack
Available from £3.41
Monte Rei Golf Gift Set Monte Rei Golf Gift Set
Available from £6.40
Athena Flick Fork Athena Flick Fork
Available from £4.69
Event Trifold Golf Towel Event Trifold Golf Towel
Available from £6.12
Shoe Bag Shoe Bag
Available from £3.92
Footjoy WeatherSof Glove Footjoy WeatherSof Glove
Available from £13.13
Sports Ripstop Cap Sports Ripstop Cap
Available from £3.58
Structured 6 Panel Baseball Cap Structured 6 Panel Baseball Cap
Available from £2.91
Sublimated Polo Shirt Sublimated Polo Shirt
Available from £15.33
Fibrestorm Golf Umbrella Fibrestorm Golf Umbrella
Available from £14.85
Spectrum Sport Golf Umbrella Spectrum Sport Golf Umbrella
Available from £15.45
Value Vented Umbrella Value Vented Umbrella
Available from £11.19
Auto Golf Umbrella Auto Golf Umbrella
Available from £9.70
Value Storm Umbrella Value Storm Umbrella
Available from £7.39
Premium Roller Banner Premium Roller Banner
Available from £79.99
Feather Flag - Small Feather Flag - Small
Available from £124.49
Garden Parasol Garden Parasol
Available from £95.00

LSi have a number of golfers within the Sales Department and we organise our own golf day so there is plenty of experience within the team to support you if you have been assigned the task of organising a golf day and are somewhat bemused by the terminologies!

As ever with Merchandise one of the key considerations as there will be so many potential printed elements to the day is to get a good grip on the colour scheme and branding for the day as there will be invitations at the start, the signage & course decorations, through to uniforms, giveaways and prizes.

It is really important to get the base colour & choice of corporate brand options right from the start so that everything is seamless & complimentary & you don't discover that your base colour isn't available for say the Team Polos or the Golf Umbrellas.

LSi are the promotional merchandise experts, your Sales Account Manager and the Design team will be able to create visuals and design interpretations for you so that you can see how everything works together. The good news is that Team LSi is able to look after all your golf day needs, from the signage and banners, the clothing through to the golf balls and printed accessories and finally the awards and prizes.

If may be that you want to create a little welcome pack for all attendees, this could be as simple as a little pouch with golf balls and tees through to a gift set including water bottle, cap, golf balls etc etc. The choice is very much yours and is probably best defined by budgets.

Team LSi will be able to arrange the fulfilment of any such gift sets and have these delivered to you already to go so you don't have the pain of packing these in the final rushed moments before the big day!

One really nice addition from LSi as all attendees will be getting the same things is to add personalisation to certain products which provides a really nice touch and shows extra effort being given to your gifts. Printed golf balls with individual names printed or stainless steel re-useable water bottles with names engraved are both really nice finishing touches.

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