LSi Team

Promotional Merchandise is everywhere. Probably within touching distance you will have a pen, a mug, a coaster, a notebook, a sticky note that a company has had their logo printed onto to promote themselves.

Once you start noticing merchandise then you can't unsee it - it's everywhere!

LSi is an award winning distributor of printed Promotional Merchandise, we are one of the fastest growing and have amazing relationships throughout the industry.

If you are in Sales, Sales Admin or Graphic Design we have new opportunities for you as the company experiences exceptional growth.

Do you love delivering great service, are you looking to stand out and excel within your chosen specialism? LSi is looking for you!

As a small team of 35 staff, working within a fast growing organisation with £10M turnover in our sights, exceptional people stand out and are duly recognised and rewarded.

Please review the current roles we have available and approach directly the department manager on the bottom of each description explaining why you want to join LSi and why we need you?!

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