Post Covid Event Ideas

Post covid events

Exhibitions are set to be reopening this year, so ensure you make an impression with our range of post covid giveaway products that visitors will love!

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AntiBug Sport Bottle AntiBug Sport Bottle
Price on application
Americano Pure Americano Pure
Available from £2.79
Anti-Bacterial Pen Anti-Bacterial Pen
Available from £0.50
Grown Up Colouring Book A4 Grown Up Colouring Book A4
Available from £0.39
Curvy Stylus ballpen Curvy Stylus ballpen
Available from £0.70
AntiBug Rio Travel Mug AntiBug Rio Travel Mug
Price on application
AntiBug Marrow Mug AntiBug Marrow Mug
Price on application
Antibacterial Wipes - 60 Pack Antibacterial Wipes - 60 Pack
Available from £3.40
Stardust Pen Stardust Pen
Available from £0.55
15mm Silicon Lanyard 15mm Silicon Lanyard
Available from £1.40
3 Layer Maskari Advanced Snood 3 Layer Maskari Advanced Snood
Available from £8.10
Reusable Metal Straw Reusable Metal Straw
Available from £1.37
Swivel Webcam Cover Swivel Webcam Cover
Available from £4.27
5 Service Cutlery Set 5 Service Cutlery Set
Available from £3.77
Bath Bomb Set Bath Bomb Set
Available from £4.47
Custom Shape Webcam Cover Custom Shape Webcam Cover
Available from £3.80
Hand Sanitiser 60ml Hand Sanitiser 60ml
Available from £2.20
White Stardust Pen White Stardust Pen
Available from £0.80

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