Introducing ‘The BEAST’

Taming 'The BEAST'

LSi welcomed 7 new promo genius’ in 2023 across sales, admin, support, artwork and print. Then in early 2024 we welcomed our 8th genius - in the form of the 3D supercomputer.

With its impressive specifications, LSi is harnessing its raw power to implement 3D modelling and rendering into our workflow.

The supercomputer nicknamed “BEAST” boasts a powerhouse CPU in the form of an Intel Core i9, 24-core Processor. With a base clock speed of 3.2GHz its immense processing capability guarantees that the complex nature of 3D modeling is tamed and handled with ease.

Whether modelling our signature Stardust Ballpen or our more complex Titan Mug “BEAST” won't break a sweat. Allowing us to take our promotional assets to the next level.

We paired our i9 processor with the equally impressive GeForce RTX 4070Ti graphics card. With 12GB of VRAM the 4070 is well equipped and optimized for real-time rendering as well as its ray tracing ability helping “BEAST” to deliver high-quality realistic visuals. This GPU accelerates performance enabling our artwork department to effectively manipulate models, textures and lighting setups with unmatched responsiveness.

With 64GB of DDR5 RAM “BEAST” enjoys more than enough memory band to help accommodate large-sized textures, intricate 3D scenes and lighting setups. The 64GBs of RAM allows a smooth multitasking workflow.

The lightning-fast nature of “BEAST” has the potential to drive LSi’s Promotional Merchandise graphics to unprecedented heights. The possibilities are endless, and we are only just scratching the surface of implementing 3D into our fast-growing industry.

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