The 2019 LSi Advent Game!

The 2019 LSi Advent Game has officially ended! The chocolates have been eaten, the Christmas themed questions have been answered and Santa is just finishing off delivering the presents. We would like to thank all of our customers who played this year and we hope you enjoyed celebrating Christmas early with us!

This year we gave away 356 prizes over 24 days, which included an iPad, Love2Shop vouchers, cinema tickets, giant teddies, bottles of alcohol and even turkey hats!

We had 5875 total plays throughout the whole 24 days which is on average 245 customers playing and interacting with our website every working day throughout October.

There where 4 unlucky players who played the game every day but didn't win any of the prizes. But to prove sometimes it's lucky to be unlucky and to thank them for their commitment won a £25 Love2Shop voucher.

If you are wanting to create a unique campaign using merchandise, then we can help! From thinking of an idea that suits your needs to sourcing the merchandise and running the campaign, we can do it all!

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