Appy Yorkshire Day!

Nah then, did you know that the 1st August is national Yorkshire Day? Ere at LSi we are chuffed t be based in Yorkshire aka ‘God’s Own Country,’ and decided t celebrate a day early in the office.

All lads nd lasses int' office started their day as they do every Friday with a proppa cuppa and a butty from the local sarnie shop! Which means that we are now ready to take your calls, generate quotes and place your orders whilst wearing our Yorkshire themed masks.

If you speak to one of our sales advisers today remember to answer the phone with a ‘Ow do,’ ‘Nah then,’ or ‘Ey up’ (all Yorkshire slang for hello) and celebrate this day with us!

LSi Staff on Yorkshire Day
LSi Print Works Staff on Yorkshire Day
LSi Braemar Team on Yorkshire Day
Oliver Simpson
Dan Farrar
George Kitcher
Becky Clayton

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