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There has been a lot of speculation regarding when the country will get back to how we remember it pre COVID-19. Although no one knows for definite, there is one thing that is for certain, when go back to work, how we interact with each other will have to change. Offices will transform to ensure staff are at least 2 metres apart, businesses dealing with customers will need to keep employees and the public separated and dining areas will no longer be the social hubs they once were.

This may not be ideal, but the quicker rules are enforced, and everyone does their bit, the sooner life can return to normal. Which is why it is more important than ever that guidelines are followed, and staff are not only welcomed back into work, but also feel safe whilst there.

Here at LSi, we have several items that will help you implement social distancing guidelines and increase everybody's safety by ensuring they stay alert.

PPE and Health Products

So that you can view all of our PPE and health equipment in one place, we have created a new website called Stay Safe Promo. Here you will find a collection of items that are perfect for preparing the office and staff for the return to work. This range includes hand sanitiser, face masks, antibacterial wipes, acrylic desk screens, distance reminders and even keyrings that can be used to open doors

Acrylic Screens
hand sanitiser
anti bac wipes

Personalised Stationery, Bottles and Mugs

However, it isn't just PPE that will be needed around the workspace, as it has also been recommended that staff don't share equipment and instead have their own. But we know how hard it can be to keep track of your pen or use the same cup when they all look that same! Which is why our Digital Impression range is perfect, as it is made up of stock items such as notebooks and pens that we can personalise with staff names and are available with express delivery. We can also supply a range of AntiBug products including bottles and cups that will kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria.

Stardust pens
anti bac cup

Back To Work Box

If you are looking at purchasing more than one of these items, then we can also put together a Back to Work Box which can hold your selected items. This could be a pen, notebook and mug or hand sanitiser, a keep safe key ring and antibacterial wipes. Whichever products you choose, a box is bound to welcome employees back to work, calm any nerves they may have had and show you care.


If you have any questions regarding any of these products, then please email and one of our team members will be happy to help.

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