Bamboo Promotional Products

Keeping green & environmentally friendly has become more prevalent in recent years, and when we all return to work as normal, we expect that it will become increasingly more popular! This is why here at LSi we have been searching for the very best Bamboo Promotional Products that will give your brand a sustainable boost and make the right impression on your customers.

Why is bamboo sustainable?

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world and it can replenish itself within a year, with minimum water and without the need for fertilisers to boost its growth. Since bamboo is naturally pest-resistant there is also no usage of pesticides.

It is also a very renewable resource, which is strong and durable. It absorbs more CO2 from the air and releases more oxygen than other plants which helps improve the air quality. Bamboo is 100% natural and biodegradable. Making Bamboo Promotional Products the perfect substitute for plastic ones!

What Bamboo Promotional Products are available?

There are currently hundreds of bamboo products available for you to brand with your logo and as this trend continues to grow, we expect they will be hundreds more to come.

Our range currently consists of everything from toothbrushes to wireless chargers, headphones to umbrellas, making it easy to make the change to sustainability. And just because these products are made from a different material does not mean that they cannot be branded. All these products can be branded in the exact same way.

Here at just a few of our favourite Bamboo Promotional Products:

So, if you are wanting to make an eco-friendly impression on your customers, please call 01274 854996 or email

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