Bespoke Packaging Solutions


Promotional Merchandise falls into two distinct categories:

  • Lower cost Promotional Products or Giveaways
  • Higher value Business Gifts

But Gifting, the verb, the action of giving a gift to someone is an art and a process that is so often overlooked.

  • Whether the gift is golf balls on a golf day
  • A printed mug on a sales visit
  • Or a high value tech gift at Christmas

Simply sourcing and providing a Sales Representative with these products for their customers & prospects is only part of the process. In Japan, there is a gifting etiquette which includes giving & receiving with both hands as a sign of respect, and to gift at the end of the meeting rather than at the beginning. Now in the UK we don't have such etiquette, but it doesn't mean as marketers we shouldn't consider and brief our teams as to how our Business Gifts are to be used and presented.

In understanding Business Gifts and the Art of Gifting, LSi has invested heavily in the cardboard processing machinery and printers to provide our customers Bespoke Packaging Solutions for any Promotional Merchandise purchased through us.

  • Now rather than juggling golf balls, your team can present a bespoke box of 3 balls in your own bespoke decorated box.
  • Now instead of entering an appointment carrying a mug, your sales representative is carrying a gift box.
  • Now your Christmas gifts come pre-wrapped in a bespoke gift box.

LSi Bespoke Packaging…

  • transforms promotional items into gifts
  • increases the perceived value
  • and transforms the gifting experience for both the company representative as well as the receiving customer.

Our “WOW” cardboard box collection is completely bespoke, any size box and up to full colour printing, this might be a box for a single product or a presentation tool for a merchandise collection such as our Genius Box.

Be Inspired…

the below is some inspiration for what can be achieved using either our 100% recyclable printed cardboard solutions or other gift box examples where foam inlays have been laser cut to create the wells for holding product.

The WoW Box from bottles to mugs, to golf balls or powerbanks our Bespoke Packaging Solutions can be made to cater for any Promotional Products purchased through LSi and full colour flood printed.

Packing Pic

The Genius Merchandise Collection Box, flood printed box including individual personalisation with gifts including notebook, thermal bottle and pen in on-brand co-ordinated colours & print.


Bespoke Gift Box including a foam inlay to hold client own product with Promotional Merchandise, perfect for Product Launches, Press Days, ViP Gifts etc.



Ready to transform your promotional merchandise into retail inspired business gifts?

Please contact the LSi sales team today & we’ll help you design and create your own bespoke packaging solutions.

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