Eco-Friendly Products

Keeping green & environmentally friendly has become more prevalent in recent years, but most companies just advertise that a product is eco-friendly with no explanation of why.

Here at LSi we want to change this and are on a mission to educate our customers on the different products that are available and their eco qualities. Below you will find an explanation of why three key materials (that are alternatives to plastic) are sustainable and some of the products that can be created using them.

Wheat Straw

Wheat straw is mainly an agricultural waste product that remains after grain or juice is extracted from the crops. Wheat straw is recently being used as filler for thermoplastic composites as polypropylene or ABS.

It is a valuable environmentally friendly resource that, while upgrading the outlook of many reusable products, helps to reduce the number of plastics used while reusing natural sources.



Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants (grass) and it can replenish itself within a year with a minimum water need and without the need of fertilisers to boost its growth. Since bamboo is naturally pest-resistant there is no usage of pesticides.

Bamboo is a very renewable resource, strong and durable. It absorbs more CO2 from the air and releases more oxygen which improves the air quality. Bamboo is 100% natural and biodegradable.


Coffee Husk

After petroleum, coffee is the second most commercialized product in the world. Coffee husks (or chaff) is the dried skin of the bean. During the roasting process, the husk falls off and mostly thrown away.

Coffee husk is recently being used as reinforcing filler for thermoplastic composites as polypropylene or ABS. It is a valuable eco-friendly resource that helps to reduce the number of plastics used.


If you require any other information regarding these products or other types of sustainable materials, please call our team on 01274 854996 or email!

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