In-House Embroidery Coming Soon

Here at LSi, we are proud to introduce the latest addition to our in-house services - our three state-of-the-art embroidery machines!

These machines will soon be up and running and will allow us to elevate your corporate clothing and apparel with our precision embroidery that will add professionalism, sophistication, and brand identity to every garment.

Why Choose Embroidery?

Embroidery is not just stitching; it's a craft that speaks volumes about your brand. Here's why it's the ideal method for your corporate clothing needs:

Professionalism: Embroidery adds a touch of professionalism to any garment. Whether it's a polo shirt, jacket, or cap, our high-quality embroidery will make your logo or design stand out with crisp, clean lines.

Durability: Unlike other methods like screen printing, embroidery ensures longevity. Our threads are resilient and withstand multiple washes, maintaining the integrity of your branding for years to come.

Customisation: With embroidery, the customisation possibilities are endless. From choosing thread colours to the placement of your logo, we work closely with you to create corporate clothing that perfectly represents your brand identity.

Perceived Value: Embroidered logos convey a sense of luxury and prestige. Your employees will feel proud to wear clothing adorned with your brand, and clients will perceive your company as one that pays attention to detail and quality.

Why Choose LSi?

Unlike 99% of distributors in the UK, LSi has on-site decoration facilities that allow us to offer our customers:

Express Turnaround - Our Digital Impressions range is UK Stock and held at our on-site warehouse, making long lead time a thing of the past! Our embroidery machines are also ultra-fast, completing up to 1500 stitches per minute.

Individually Named Personalisation - Why not make your clothing extra special and add individual names to each garment?

Low Minimum Order Quantities - As this range is stored and printed in-house you can order as little as one product on some of these items.

Ready to elevate your corporate clothing with our embroidery services? Contact us today at 01274 854994 or email to discuss your project requirements and receive a personalised quote.

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