Face Masks - You Do The Maths!

Recent guidelines from the government has changed from "STAY AT HOME" to "STAY ALERT" in a bid to loosen restrictions on the recent lockdown and try to get the economy moving.

Although very sketchy and open to interpretation in some aspects, one thing is crystal clear - we will not be back to normal for some time yet and rules and guidance around social distancing are paramount to combat the spread of COVID-19.

One feature of social distancing is the increased call from many organisations and even certain areas of the United Kingdom for us all to wear face masks/coverings and a single motto to remember

My mask protects you and your mask protects me!

Businesses have been told that they should prepare for getting employees back to work wherever possible, only if practical measures to ensure employee safety have been adopted.

The Government also stated that the Employer is responsible for suppyling employees with PPE and implementing and enforcing social distancing in the workplace.

Floor markings, desk screens, hand sanitisers, face masks etc are all extremely important, but what about the ongoing costs put on already struggling businesses? Many of whom have already furloughed numerous staff members have downsized, or worst still, made redundancies

Take face masks for example, we have all witnessed the media reports of NHS trusts and NHS staff pleading with the government to get proper PPE to the front line, with government reluctant to ask the public to wear a face mask for fear of NHS frontline workers going without.

However, every man and his dog seem to be able to get hold of three-ply face masks apart from the Government! Co-incidentally if you can get hold of them you could end up paying over the odds for a quickly produced product from China that offers little protection whatsoever.

In recent weeks, the Chinese Government, to help stop the manufacture of sub-standard products, has published a white list of approved suppliers, that have achieved full certification, that can manufacture and export such products quickly. But as you can imagine, with worldwide demand so high, a reduction in approved factories has increased prices and lead times as the approved factories struggle with demand.

Facemask Protection

The LSi Branded Face Mask

In a bid to not put extra strain on the NHS and to follow government guidance LSi has been keen to develop an alternative face covering, that we can offer to businesses as a branded solution. The facemask is going to be part of everyday life from now on and is an excellent walking billboard for companies who need to get their products and brands visible again, whilst offering protection in a non-medical setting

The LSi Anti Bac face mask is more than comparable in quality to the throwaway, disposable three-ply face masks that have become the norm in recent months.

It is made from 90% polyester / 10% polyurethane and has a 30% Antibacterial Yarn content that in tests killed 99.9% of the bacteria tested. It can also be washed up to 60° without losing shape or the prints colour vibrancy and can be washed up to 25 times without a reduction in its antibacterial properties.

There is also a massive consideration for businesses to make when kitting out returning employees. Research shows that a three-ply mask should be changed every four hours and disposed of, inevitably going to landfill. That is approximately a cost of £2 per employee/ per day - approximately £50-£60 per month.

Whereas the LSi Anti Bac face mask which is washable and re-useable is sold in packs of five at £15 and they could be used repeatedly for approximately 100 working days - a daily cost per employee of 15p, a monthly cost per employee of approx. £7 (if repeated every 100 days).

By equipping your staff with a LSi Anti Bac face mask, the savings for your business could be quite significant and as the government has recommended that everyone wears face coverings on public transport, where social distancing cannot be achieved, the return on investment and cost per brand impression could be quite significant also.

Get your brand out there and help everyone stay safe!

To place your order or to find out more about our branded face masks please email Sales@LSi.co.uk

LSi branded face mask

Personalised Face Masks

If you are looking for a one-off facemask that you can design yourself and wear on your commute to work or whilst running errands, then visit our retail site www.personalisedfacemask.com. Here we use the same anti-bac face mask, however, you can purchase from as little as one mask and can add your own design or choose from our pre-set templates.

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