Our Must Have Festival Merchandise Ideas

Summer is just around the corner and after two years of covid restrictions, it’s going to be one to remember. Around half of Brits are looking to go abroad this year, festivals are back, and people are looking to make up for the lost time. Meaning, that it is the perfect time to use promotional merchandise to increase your brand awareness.

Festivals are set to come back with a bang and are going to be bigger and better than ever! We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait! We believe it is the perfect time to get your brand back out there and remind your customer who you are. This is why we have created this guide on our must have festival merchandise ideas.

Wrist Bands

At festivals, wristbands are used as a form of ticket so that attendees can move in and out of designated areas with ease. They are a great branded item, as they will be worn for the duration of the festive ensuring your brand is constantly at the forefront of their minds. We have a great range to choose from, our specialist festival wrist bands are made from material and are usually kept as keepsakes after the event is finished. We can even provide recycled wristbands if you would like to promote an eco-friendly message!


Sunglasses are a great giveaway item for a festival, and we have the perfect pair that will draw attention to your logo. From sunglasses created from bamboo to ones that can be fully customised to look just as you imagined, we have them all.


A smart phones charge will barely last a day at a festival. They will be used endlessly to capture memories that will last a lifetime and videos of a favourite brand. This is why a powerbank is the perfect gift to give to your valued clients. From small powerbanks that can easily slip into your pocket, to ones with a large capacity that will keep the user charged all weekend, we have a great range that can be branded with your design.

Easily Forgotten Items

With the excitement of going to a festival, items can easily be left behind when packing. This is why items such as hand sanitiser and lip balms will not only be a great handout to festival-goers but will also ensure that they stay protected during their stay. We even have a great range of kits that include several useful items that will come in handy. These items have a great branding area and because they are useful, will be well received by your customer.

To Make Life Easier

If you have camped at a festival before then you will know that a few everyday items can make your life a lot easier. Whether it’s a torch so that you can easily find your way through the tents and to the toilets when it's dark. Some earplugs so you can attempt to have a good night’s sleep whilst the tent next to you attempt an all-nighter. Or even some wipes so you can keep clean, we can brand them all and festival goers will love your brand for providing them with these lifesaving items.

To find out more or to place an order please contact our sales department on 01274 854996or email sales@lsi.co.uk!

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