New Gift Box Guide

if you don’t look after your customers – somebody else will! And this year it's all about corporate gifting!

This time of year is dominated by gifting, and what better time to reward the loyalty, adaptability and flexibility of your staff and customers. Here at LSi, when you want to make an impression, say thank you or present your gifts property, we have a solution that adds value, gets you noticed and adds a personal feel – our range of gift boxes.

Our exclusive in-house gift box range is ever expanding and now comprises a total of 18 boxes in varying shapes, sizes and colour, allowing us to provide creative solutions to your merchandise requirements as we can print full colour and coverage on the lid. We also laser cut the foam to house your products, giving you a unique branding solution with high perceived value.

So, if you are working from home, but need to engage with your clients before Christmas please call us, we can help. Call our team today on 01274 854996 or email today to find out more!

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