Our Super 6 Back to Work Products

As more and more people return to work, the government is constantly reviewing procedures and putting guidance in place to help ensure that the public can safely return to work.

To help you get your staff back into the workplace quickly and most importantly – safely – we have chosen our 6 favourite products can help you do so.

Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands more frequently is an important part of helping to stop the spread of COVID-19. But as we don’t always have access to soap and water around the workplace, hand sanitiser is a helpful portable alternative.

Not only do we have several different sized hand sanitiser bottles available, we also provide hands-free sanitisers as well as hygiene boxes that include a hand sanitiser, a hygiene key and notebook.

Wash Your Hands Products

Cover Your Face

Our reusable face masks are one of our most popular items at the moment. As they can be printed in full colour, they allow companies to advertise their brand in one of the most visible branding areas ever available! Letting customers and employees become walking billboards for your brand!

We are also able to offer our face mask and display stands so that you can place them in a shop, canteen, or office to generate sales for your business and create a healthy profit.

Cover Your Face Products

Keep Your Distance

Keeping your distance is an easy way to keep each other safe, however, it can be hard to remember to do so. Our vinyl floor stickers are available in a range of designs and shapes and are the perfect way to ensure that people keep their distance in the workplace.

To help employees get back into the office, we also have acrylic desk screens that are perfect for helping provide a barrier whilst staff are at their desks.

Keep Your Distance

To find our more about these products please call a sales advisor today on 01274 854996 or email Sales@LSi.co.uk to find out more.

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