LSi is the UK Agent of Revolution-ZERO high performance face coverings

Here at LSi we always strive to bring you the best quality products, which is why we are proud to announce that we have just become the only UK agent of Revolution-ZERO high performance face coverings!

Revolution-ZERO Masks

What is Revolution-ZERO?

Revolution-ZERO masks are a high-performance face covering that have been designed and manufactured to meet the European medical device and PPE EN standards. They have been further co-designed in partnership with clinicians and administration staff from over 40 NHS Trusts and 15 GP surgeries as part of the NHS reusable masks trials.

Being a reusable mask, they have until November 2020 been ineligible for CE marking. Due to their high performance rating, endorsement by clinical teams and the manufacturers quality control processes the Revolution-ZERO masks are now going through the process of CE marking with the World Health Organisation accredited CITEVE laboratories as a European first for reusable masks.

NHS Trials of the Revolution-ZERO

Results from the NHS trials so far have rated the P1.2 enhanced protection masks as highest performing in the range regarding comfort, suitability for frontline clinical and non-clinical roles. The M1 universal protection masks also scored highly slightly beating the P1.2 on breathability with a 100% maximum rating. Though highly scoring, the initial trials resulted in improvements across the range and the range continues to be refined and extended on the basis of end-user feedback.

Independently Tested

In addition to performance and safety testing with CITEVE and the NHS, the Revolution-ZERO masks have also been independently tested by AITEX, SAGILAB and IFTH laboratories both before and under 40 wash/dry cycles. Across the range their breathability is at least 5 times the health and safety limits and their particulate filtration is 99-100%.

Zero Waste

Revolution-ZERO is also committed to its zero waste and zero carbon agenda. All masks are manufactured using 100% renewable energy. We offer a recovery service post complete usage at no charge where the masks will be processed for reintegration into the manufacturing chain. In addition, we can offer a carbon offset service for complete neutrality which integrates transport and wash-dry cycles for the life of the mask.

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