Storage, Fulfilment and Distribution

Going back into lockdown has been hard on a lot of businesses, and you may believe that homeworking has affected the way in which you can engage and interact with your staff and customers, but here at LSi, we have a solution.

For over 25 years, we have been creating bespoke solutions to help you manage and distribute your promotional merchandise. But now more than ever this service has never been more crucial, and we are seeing a rapid expansion in requests for storage and fulfilment.

Not only can we print/engrave products in-house, but we are also able to store the items, pick and pack them as soon as they are needed and then despatch the parcels straight to your customers or staff’s door! You don’t even have to worry if you haven’t got your giftees delivery details, as our FOC Event Gift website can collect these for you (to find out more, please read our fulfilment section below).

It is a quick and efficient service that can help you get your brand in front of your customer. And as we all know, it is now time to be there for each other and show your support! The little things such as receiving a gift through the post can have a massive positive effect on someone's day! So, why not let LSi help your brand be the reason your customers or employees have a smile on their face?

But how does it work?


Storage at LSi

It does not matter if we sourced the products for you, or they are items that you already have in stock. We can store your merchandise in our 16,000sq/ft warehouse that is totally secure and run by trained professionals. Whether your items will just be needed to be held for a day, or a week, we can do this for you. Holding this stock allows us to quickly fulfil and distribute your items once we have been given the green light to do so.


Fulfilment at LSi

If you have the names and address of your staff/customers, then that’s great. But if you don’t, then there’s no need to panic. As we can also help collect this data, in a way which complies with GDPR, using our FOC Event Event Gift or by creating you a similar website using your branding. This allows you to direct who you wish to the website and collate their details safely; this information can then be sent straight to us and we can quickly fulfil the order.


Despatch at LSi

Once your items have been picked and packed, we can then quickly despatch orders daily straight from our warehouse as soon as they are ready. We can also send your products straight to you or to individual home addresses of your staff and/or customers. Through our close links with our main shipping partners, we receive daily pickups, can also offer online tracking for every order as well as overseas delivery.

Case Study

At the end of last year, Peppermint Technologies decided it was time to treat their staff and customers and wanted to send them all a gift. But with many people working from home due to the global pandemic, they came to LSi looking for a solution of how they could get their products to their giftees.

The Customer Box - For their customers, Peppermint wanted to show their apparition for their business throughout a difficult year, so decided to send each one a bottle of gin and a high-end box of chocolates. To ensure the gifts were delivered to the correct addresses, they utilised our Event Gift website.

Once a unique URL was created for the company, customers where send an email from Peppermint saying they wanted to send out a gift but wanted to know where was best to send it, so to click the unique URL link and fill out their correct details. These forms then came straight to LSi where we were able to fulfil the in-house boxes and send them to customers individual addresses that they had given.

The Employee Box - As a Christmas party was off the cards, Peppermint decided to hold a zoom style games night for their employees. With everyone working from home, they were to receive a box filled with goodies that they would need to take part, including bingo cards and dabbers, glow sticks, a bottle of prosecco (some of which was 0% alcohol).

Peppermint gift box

With staff address being provided by the company, LSi was able to print stunning quality boxes featuring their logo, pack over 10 items into each, and despatch the boxes to individual addressed quickly and efficiently.

The Result – All the employees enjoyed the games night and were thankful for their gifts. The businesses were also inundated with calls and message over the Christmas period thanking the company and explaining how amazing the boxes looked.

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