The Future Is Wireless

Wireless chargers are nothing new in the world of promotional merchandise. However, with mobile phones constantly being updated, more and more people are using going wireless when it comes to charging. And who can blame them, its a quick, easy and a cable-free way to ensure they always have charge.

So, why not tap into this market as part of your next marketing campaign and make the most of this valuable branding space that is used at least once a day? Here at LSi, we have a wide range of wireless chargers, from eco -friendly options to wireless powerbanks that are bound to make the right impression on your customers, as they will love to receive a useful gift.

What Phones Can Use Wireless Chargers?

Any mobile or device that is Qi-enabled can use a wireless charger. These tend to be the newer models that were released after 2017, so that’s all models of the iPhone from and including the iPhone 8, which most people do now have.

Why Choose Wireless Chargers As Part Of Your Promotional Products?

With people working from home these items are more popular than ever before. Mobiles are being used as a point of contact and even for conference calls. With computers and laptops taking up nearby power sources phones can easily run out of charge when they are most needed. This is where wireless chargers come in, as they can be plugged straight into a computer or laptop, without the possibility of data transfer, and customers can ensure they always have charge.

Wireless Desk Chargers

Wireless Powerbanks

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