Our Top 5 Current Promotional Merchandise Trends

Last week your Promotional Heroes packed up their bags and headed on a road trip so that they could attend their first promotional merchandise show since before covid. It was a great opportunity to speak with suppliers, interact with new products and find new and creative ideas. Here are some of our favourite trends and products that we spotted for Spring/Summer 2022.

Wellness Items

For most, lockdown tested our limits, forced us to stay indoors and limited interaction with others. This is why a trend that seems to come out of the pandemic is wellness and ensuring that you are looking after yourself both mentally and physically.

With this trend being prominent in retail, it was no surprise that it has transferred over into promotional merchandise. Throughout the show, we saw numerous wellness products, which would be a perfect gift for you to confirm to your customers or staff that you care about their wellbeing. From bath bombs to diffusers, there is a great range of products that we can now supply branded with your logo!

wellness journal
wellness products
wellness products 2


Before covid hit, eco-friendly items were at the top of everyone’s promotional merchandise list and over the last few months, we have seen a return in enquiries and orders for these items. It is evident that eco-friendly products are a trend that is here to stay and is becoming more and more popular.

Every supplier we visited at the show had widened their range of eco products and had a new product to offer, allowing us to offer you a wider range. But what was different about this show, is that that more companies were offering a full eco-friendly story and wanted to remove ‘green washing’. So, if you are interested in any eco-products, we can now also provide a full backstory and accreditations on most products for you.


Retail Products and Colours

When products become popular in the retail sector, they quickly become available in the promotional merchandise world. So, if you see something when you are out and about in the shops, the chances are we can find a similar product for you and brand it with your logo.

From the show we attended this is becoming even more of a prominent trend as a lot of our best-selling products are now available in more retail colours. We are also able to put your logo on a number of branded products such as Fitbit and Sony!

1l bottle
retail coloured bottles
branded fitbit

Wireless Products

As home and work-life clash together, wireless products are in higher demand than ever before. The remote office has fuelled the need for flexibility in workspaces, and the need to pack up a station quickly and easily.

The promotional industry has offered wireless products for several years, but with home working and the launch of Mag Safe from Apple, there were more of these products than ever before. Whether you are looking for a wireless charging phone stand to ensure employees never run out of charge on a zoom call, or a speaker so that

wireless charger
wireless speaker
wireless stand

Exhibitions Are Back

After not attending a show for a couple of years, it was great for the team at LSi to get out and interactive with suppliers and products. One thing that we all took from the show is that exhibitions are definitely back. There was a buzz of excitement from room and attendance levels seemed to be at those pre covid.

So, if you are planning or are booked to exhibit at a trade show, how will you draw attendees to your stand? A great way to do this is to hand out freebies. From budget pens to tasty treats, or ever tech gifts, if you want your stand to be busy on the day and to ensure you are remembered the next day, then you need branded giveaways.

show entrance
inside the show
jade and kerry at the show
To find out more anout the current merchandise trends and new products please call your Sales Advisor on 01274 854996 or email sales@lsi.co.uk

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