Welcome Back To Work Packs

Boris has now announced that all of the current plan B covid restrictions that are in place will be ending next Thursday. Therefore, face masks will no longer be mandatory, and people are no longer being asked to work from home. So, will you be bringing your staff back into the office? If you are, why not ensure that they have all the equipment they need with one of our ‘back to work packs’!

After working from home, the return to work can be quite daunting for staff members. But with our packs, you can welcome them back in a way that will make them feel at ease and ensure they have everything they need to get back into the swing of office working.

Creating one of these packs couldn’t be easier as LSi will do all the hard work for you, allowing you to concentrate on other priorities.

1. You Choose the Products

This could be anything from merchandise to sweets, if you need a fast turnaround on low MOQ’s then we can accommodate this with our Digital Impression range.

lsi promotional merchandise

2. Shredded Paper or Foam?

We will then add your chosen coloured tissue paper to the box, or you can choose to use foam, which we will laser cut to perfectly hold your products.

box type

3. We Print & Pack Your Products

We will then brand your products and box lids with your chosen designs and fulfil the order for you so that they are ready to hand out when received.

colour works bottle on machine

4. You Gift To Your Packs To Your Staff

With a welcome pack, your staff members will have a smile on their face on their first day back and will have everything they need to return to the office.

welcome back pack

To find out more about our back to work packs, please call your Sales Advisor on 01274 854996 or email sales@lsi.co.uk.

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