Why You Should Incorporate Branded Merchandise In Your Bounce Back Plan!

We are halfway through the roadmap out of lockdown. Businesses are opening back up, offices are welcoming staff back in and we can finally get a haircut. This means it’s the perfect time to get your brand back in front of your customers before your competitors do. But why should you incorporate promotional merchandise as part of your marketing campaign?

1. Introduce Your Business to Potential Customers

A lot has happened over the past year and you may not be able to rely on your old customers. This is why now is the best time to introduce your brand to new protentional customers. By gifting them a product that is branded with your logo and features your website it will memorably introduce your business.

2. Remind Customers of Your Brand

If customers have been working from home or on furlough, then now is the perfect time to remind them that you are open for business. As not only will it increase business once it landed, 83% of people who receive promotional merchandise can remember the brand advertised for an average of 12 months.

3. Reduce Your Advertisement Costs

After a hard year, you may have had to cut your advertising budget. But don’t worry as promotional merchandise is not only one of the cheapest forms of marketing, but also the most highly regarded (BPMA). With 96% of customers also saying that promotional merchandise increased brand awareness, it is also the perfect way to make a lasting impression (BPMA).

4. Increase Direct Sales

It has been found that if companies employ branded merchandise, it helps them increase their sales manifold. The total sales and average sales per customer goes up considerably. 55% of respondents who receive a free gift are more favourable to a brand and 79% said they were likely to do business with the company in the future (BPMA).

5. Ensure Better Business Exposure

Think of a TV advertisement. they are seen by thousands; however, people easily and quickly forget those ads. But when you gift merchandise it items stays with people for a long time, and they are likely to remember the generous act and keep the item. With branded merchandise, your business can also get more exposure in your niche market as compared to the other forms of marketing and advertisements.

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