Post COVID there are multiple ‘pain points’ that our customers repeat over and over again.

We all know how effective Merchandise can be whether it is engaging & welcoming a new employee, saying thank you to a customer, engaging with a prospect by direct mail or at an exhibition being remembered and recalled after the event.


1. You have no storage

Merchandise can be bulky, for example 252 mugs is 7 large boxes, as just one of hundreds of examples. Those 7 heavy boxes need moving around an office, finding somewhere to live, those 7 boxes could occupy the space of an additional revenue generating desk which is a far better use of the space.

office with no storage space

2. Who’s job is it?

Moving boxes about, keeping track of stock, picking/packing, dealing with couriers – for many SME businesses there is no individual responsible for these tasks which means everyone mucks in, which often means after initial enthusiasm it’s another barrier to getting the job done and the initiative fails.

Frustrated business team

3. Who’s managing stock?

When ‘merch’ is held in a cupboard it so often goes walkies, is used for ‘unplanned’ events, starts to appear where it shouldn’t & control over the initial marketing campaign becomes lost.

Employee doing a stock take

4. Employees are working from home

Post Covid so many employees have remained full or part-time working from home, home is rarely suitable for storing marketing materials.

Employees working from home

5. No Picking & Packing materials

There are few SME businesses with an on-site post room, with a store of packaging materials, boxes, tapes, filler materials etc. I can feel the pain and the pressure building of the hassle this is causing the marketing department and that’s before we get to the…

Employee packing a box

6. No courier account…

How many SME businesses that are service driven actually have a courier account? What a pain taking the marketing materials to the post office. You’re busy, it’s raining, parking is a nightmare and have you seen the queue in the post office.


“It’s enough to not bother doing all the things we want to be doing just because it’s too much hassle…”

The Solution is called “LSi Concierge”

We are known to be the Promotional Merchandise Experts, but we can also be an extension to your business, we want you to consider us as the Marketing Department’s (or any other department!) Concierge Service.

Here at LSi we have all the facilities & control all aspects needed on-site - from our warehousing, LSi warehouse staff and in-house created software solutions to take away the challenges that marketers face as soon as the creative juices start to flow and the logistic challenges build.

Case Study 1: Sourcing, Storage & Global Distribution

For a global drinks brand LSi’s sourcing team scours the market for new merchandise ideas that will work for the clients’ target audiences of both trade and consumer markets.

Providing web-based portals for both audiences that link in with our warehouse, orders are picked, packed and shipped worldwide every day.

case study icon

Case Study 2: Protecting the Brand across Independent Offices

A UK wide Insurance Company with over 100 small retail sales offices wanted to ensure each site was using merchandise that was on-brand but also knowing the potential of merchandise to increase brand awareness they wanted to make the merchandise accessible and not restricted due to minimum quantity print runs.

LSi provide a customer facing web-portal, branded in the company’s corporate colours to showcase the 20+ promotional products that Head Office has approved.

All items are stocked in LSi’s own warehouse and are available for next day delivery nation-wide meaning the offices never miss an opportunity to promote themselves.

case study icon

Case Study 3: New Employee Starter Packs

An expanding London based consultancy using serviced offices wishes to provide each new partner with a welcome pack on their first day of employment.

Using one of LSi’s Executive Gift Boxes & having agreed a collection of merchandise with their LSi Account Manager, this pack is now printed and stored at LSi from where each box is available for immediate call off to the new Partners home delivery address on or before their start date.

case study icon

Case Study 4: London based Tourist Attraction

Our London based client has bought mugs, pens, tote bags from us for many years, all with stunning artwork that matches the many images and artworks this historical London attraction has that its customers love.

But mugs & tote bags take up a lot of space, space that is much better used for selling than storing and so LSi provides a storage solution so that the client can order in bulk and they call off replenishment stock each month to refill the shelves.

case study icon

Case Study 5: Bulk Orders distributed to Multiple Addresses

Our client’s HR department orders merchandise and clothing materials for sites across the country. The multiple products are manufactured, wholesaled and printed from factories all over the world.

Here at LSi we receive & QC each of the shipments, then once complete, we break down the bulk shipments into the requirements for each of the 30+ delivery locations. Packing securely & dispatching by courier we are able to control the delivery, advise our HR client of the day of dispatch and have all the deliveries land on the same day nationwide.

case study icon

Case Study 6: Thank You Mugs

A South Coast estate & letting agent sends two mugs with chocolate + a little card to each new resident of a home whether it be a buyer or tenant.

Ordering 500 mugs at a time, 14 boxes in a small office made the project unviable, couple then with the logistics of getting mugs to the post office.

Picking up the problem LSi take delivery of the pallet, store the mugs and on receipt of a weekly distribution list each Thursday dispatch the mug shipments on a Friday with the hope they land on the Saturday, on the first day of the first weekend the new residents have in their new home.

case study icon

Case Study 7: The Ultimate Concierge Service

For an international engineering company LSi are an extension to the company providing the following services:

Holding stock – multiple websites are live for employees, dealers, partners Europe wide to be able to order clothing and merchandise across multiple brands for giveaways, shows, self promo etc

Clothing – a bespoke service to not only have clothing on the shelf available in a matter of days to all employees through a portal, but also offer low runs with bespoke decoration such as team names etc on a larger scale.

Exhibition portal – to order relevant uniform, ties, name badges needed for different events.

Prize/award recognition sites – websites for individual teams to use to provide prizes and merchandise to end customers through engagement pieces run on exhibition stands and events

Sale days – we visit sites to showcase to all staff members everything that we can do for them, from merchandise, clothing and the additional services we provide

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For all orders we ship to UK and international addresses, where LSi look after everything so no employee has to consider the challenges of shipping, fulfilment, duties, taxes, customs etc etc.

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