Scott Brown our in-house web designer is your first point of contact for Corporate Scheme websites, as part of the whole scheme service, LSi will design and produce a fully operational website FOC. This website allows you to list a full range of merchandise and sell your merchandise over the web direct to your internal staff, external staff, customers or distributors.

We can implement credit card acceptance, and via a merchant account (chargeable) can give you a fully secure means to sell your merchandise on the web.

Most companies do not need to sell direct to the general public, so a standard site may consist of a range of your merchandise, and a shopping basket, whereby your designated users can order online and LSi despatch immediately from our warehouse.

The whole process allows an order to be placed, and the goods are shipped within 15 minutes of receipt of the order into LSi.

You can also implement real time stock updates and availability along with pricing structures and discounts.

For examples of some of our current clients sites and to discuss in greater detail please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Pounder on 01274 854998 or Scott Brown on 01274 854984 in the first instance.

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