LSi's Favourite Promotional Products 2024

LSi are your Promotional Merchandise Experts, the range of product available is vast, literally hundreds of thousands of promotional products are available but maybe that's too much choice, so here we have pulled together 7 favourite promotional products that we have identified for 2024.

The Secret Ingredients for Promotional Merchandise Success

The key ingredient for success when buying Promotional Merchandise is to ensure that the products are useful for the target audience.

If a product is used regularly by your customer or prospect they will be reminded of you and your message regularly when they use the product.

Of course other factors such as your budget, colours of product available, the size of print area, how you intend to distribute etc. will all come into the equation but ultimately usefulness is the priority!

Knowing as much as possible about your audience that you are communicating too is really important. The more detailed an Avatar you can create the more you understand your customer and as such your choice of promotional products and business gifts will be more relevant to them.

And what does that mean?

It means unlike any other forms of marketing and selling our messages are not disturbing, they are not annoying, they are not disrupting someone's day, they are just super useful gifts that remind the customer of you but with it a positive relationship is starting to be formed.

With this in mind our 7 Promotional Products for 2024 we expect to be very popular across a range of audiences but it is important to share your audience with Team LSi so we can share other product ideas that we think will work best for you.

1. Laurel 40oz Double Walled Insulated Large Travel Tumbler

The Laurel Tumbler is a product shape that has gone viral with many social media influencers following a story where a “Stanley Cup” was said to survive a car fire!

Whether it did or not, people are loving the cup holder friendly design and the straw feature and the product is now booming in sales!

It is bizarre how a certain shape or product just catches the market as THE product or product design of the moment, in the past we have had:

The Twister USB Flashdrive - there were hundreds of shapes but this was the ONE!

The Contour Ballpen - there are thousands of alternative pens but this was the ONE!

Thermal Drinkware - again so many options but it was the "Chilli" shape LSi's Colourworks that was the ONE - now improved - see below!!

For 2024, we expect our Laurel version of the Stanley shape travel mug to be the ONE product that everyone is asking for this year. It has already become the must-have accessory for all influencers on social media!

  • Double Walled 40oz insulated travel tumbler
  • Available in 9 colourways
  • Screw on lid, with straw to prevent spills
  • Slimmer lower design perfect for most car cup holders
  • Multi-function rotary lid for easy access, sippy function, straw hole or open
  • Keeps drinks cold for 10 Hours & hot for 5
  • Stainless steel, silicone and plastic

2. Colour Works Bottle With Straw

Drinkware is such a huge part of the Promotional Merchandise industry, from what was once dominated by the Ceramic Coffee Mug - the options for plastic bottles through to stainless steel thermal bottles and tumblers makes the category now enormous!

For 2024 we've taken our biggest selling Promotional Thermal Bottle The Colourworks and made it better and even more flexible to more of your audience.

Adding a flip lid to a Colourworks bottle for easy sipping with no need to remove the screw top lid.

Ideal for keeping cold drinks cold and then sipping via a straw.

The lids are normally sent in bulk and are packaged separately to the bottles, so you receive the standard screw top lid for hot drinks and flip lids for cold, however your audience wants to use. Or why not ask us about our bespoke packing solutions and how we can create a box that holds the bottle and the straw insert.

3. Iron Man Charging Cable

Tech is another great category for finding business gifts that your clients will love.

The category is now dominated with accessories to compliment our smartphones, from speakers (see 4. below), headphones, powerbanks, phone stands, charging stations, and one of our best sellers charging cables.

The Iron Man Charging cable is a unique product to LSi and features a very contemporary and tactile 1 Metre braided cable.

The cable has a number of attachments making it compatible with all devices and brands of phones.

Key to this product is the charging function but also data transfer.

  • We can engrave to both ends of the cable
  • 1 meter long
  • 60W
  • 6 in 1 function - Type C/OTG or USB to IOS Micro or Type C or IOS Micro or Type C to Type C/OTG

4. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Our second tech product is another awesome smartphone accessory so caters for pretty much all audiences if the budget is for a higher end business gift.

Whether your audience is listening to Classic FM in the garden or dancing to their favourite tunes at the beach our Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is going to be an awesome gift for any audience.

The LSi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker landed just in time for Christmas 2023 and was a great success.

This superb quality speaker has 2.5 hrs play back (if at 100% Volume), Bluetooth compatible as well as able to play from an SD Card.

For all important branding the end plates are printable in full colour delivering great branding opportunities for your business gift.

  • 170mm long
  • 2 x 6W Speakers
  • Waterproof
  • RGB Light Show

5. Pom Pom Beanie

Clothing is more often considered for internal teams, but T-Shirts and Beanies make great gifts for the right audience at the right event.

Where Beanies might be considered a winter promotion in reality we can find ourselves reaching for a beanie at any time of year.

Many a British summer BBQ, camping weekend or festival will end with a chilly night under the stars and a beanie being required.

Ultimately with a beanie the branding is all important, this is not a uniform for staff (well it might be) but assuming this is a gift they're unlikely to want your brand front & center, unless it's a super cool brand of course! But any business can get the colours right, get the style right, make the branding subtle and actually create a great promotional product that the audience will love.

Use the LSi Design team to help you create your very own on-brand beanie that your clients will love!

  • Choice of colours
  • Brand name can be stitched into the hat
  • Brand logo and be embroidered onto the fold

6. Roly T-shirt

There are so many opportunities for T-shirt giveaways if your audience is a T-Shirt wearer.

Like a beanie getting the branding right is all important, and one stand out message is that your print does not have to be on the left chest, across the chest, shoulders etc.

Knowing your audience is so important here, what sort of designs are they wearing, what in your branding do they love that they might love on your t-shirt, is there a quote that reflects your business that will work as a T-Shirt print?

Use the LSi design team to help you create a design that the customers will love.

If customers are mixing with future potential customers and they're wearing your t-shirt and talking about you with them you've just created an army of sales people!

Consider swing tags, bagging, bespoke labels etc. especially if considering retail sales.

  • Single jersey knit
  • Mid weight
  • 100% cotton t-shirt
  • Choice of Colours
  • Great for screen and digital prints

7. Mini and full size promotional footballs

The 2024 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly known as Euro 2024, will be the 17th edition of the European Championship and will be hosted in Germany from 14th June to 14th July.

Scotland and England are both taking part and as ever you can imagine the country going football crazy with hopefully a good start to the British summer and the games being played in a local time-zone.

The football themed merchandise available will be huge with your opportunity to co-brand fun, outdoor summer products but our chosen products for the list are mini and full-size promotional footballs.

Footballs are a surprisingly versatile promotional product, made up with many panels that can be printed with your logo or message or panels sewn together to make bigger messages.

The beauty with footballs is they tend to hang around a lot and for the long term and rarely is there as much competition as there would be if providing pens or mugs!

The LSi team can help you create visuals to help appreciate the impact that is possible with your own promotional footballs, reach out to the team and we can't wait to share what's possible!

  • Size 5 or mini promo size available
  • Size 5 has 32 panels
  • Mini size has 12 panels
  • Full coverage print available
  • Supplied deflated for easy transportation

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