Prevented Ocean Plastic Products

In the last year, promotional product trends have changed drastically. Instead of giveaways for a show, companies are looking for wellbeing boxes that can be sent straight to their customer's doors; and here at LSi we have been able to quickly adapt to all these new demands. But one trend that hasn’t changed is companies wanting to go green, and eco-friendly merchandise is no exception.

In a survey conducted by the BPMA in 2020, they found the public was actively searching for useful, relevant, and recyclable goods. So, it seems, if you aren’t thinking about making your next merchandise campaign more eco-friendly, you may get left behind whilst your competitors are doing so.

There are currently hundreds of ways that you can make your next campaign have a greener message. From bamboo mugs to bookmarks that contain seeds that you can plant, bags that are created using minimal water waste to wheat straw lunch boxes. And here at LSi, we can brand them all, but we can also offer a new range of green products!

Prevented Ocean Plastic

Prevented Ocean Plastic is created from plastic that is collected within 50 km of an ocean coastline or major waterway that feeds into the ocean. This is then sorted and transformed into high quality, food-safe recycled plastic. We believe this is a fantastic story to share with your customers as it is a trend that is very popular at the moment.

One of the products that are now created from this plastic is our popular H2O Eco bottle. Which features a spill-proof lid and is available in multiple colours. You can also mix and match colours on this 650ml bottle to create an item that matches your branding.

To talk to a member of our team today regardingthese products or for more information regarding Prevented Ocean Plastic Products, please call 01274 854996 or email

H20 Eco bottle

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