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Promotional merchandise is still the most cost effective marketing tool available if used correctly.

The main purpose of giving your clients a free gift with your logo branded upon it is to achieve the same result time after time - to increase exposure and brand awareness - but more importantly to increase business.

Anybody can sell you a branded mug or an embroidered t-shirt and do it cheaper than the next man but here at LSi we can sell you marketing solutions that work and get results!

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Desk-O Wireless Charger

With personal mobiles now being used more and more frequently in the office, especially for Zoom calls, our Wireless Desk-O Chargers ensure mobiles can be seen and always have the charge they need for those important calls. Being a part of our Digital Impressions range, they are also available with low MOQ’s, a fast turn around and even individual personalisation!

DID YOU KNOW – Branded chargers will create up to 1,450 impressions in its lifetime and are kept for an average of 13 months.

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